Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Aluminum Cans

Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Aluminum Cans

Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Aluminum Cans

Although aluminum cans might not be the most convenient type of packaging if you are on the go, it is one of the best ones for storing different foods and drinks because it not only provides durability in the sense that you can just throw an aluminum can in your bag and it will stay intact and not spill but usually the can format also provides long lastingness because the food or beverage is sealed into the can and won’t expire for a long time.

Unfortunately once the can in empty it becomes an issue for most, because it takes up a lot of space and even using one of different can crusher types to compress the can still is an inconvenience because the can will still take up precious storage space. Thankfully there are other ways how you can utilize your empty cans that might be interesting especially to those who like survival preparedness or who are interested in ways how you can reuse different things.

Soda Can Dish

One of the simplest ways to reuse aluminum cans especially in survival conditions is to make these cans into dishes. You can turn an aluminum can into anything from a glass to cup to even a dish and a bowl. You just need to know how to do it. It is easy to make a cup or a glass because all you really need to do is to take off the top of the can. But making a bowl includes a few more steps. First you need to make a hole at the top of your soda or beer cans side that will allow you to easily cut off the top of the can. Then cut off the top of the can and bend it a little so there are two small folds on the sides of the can which are directly opposite to each other. These bends then become a guide for you to be able to cut straight lines down the sides of the can. After you have cut the two lines you need to cut a few more similar lines so you end up with the can sides turning into 8 strips that can be folded down. Then all that it is left to do is to fold each of the strips down and over one next to it so the sharp edges of the can are all gone and you can safely use your new aluminum dish.

Soda Can Stove

But those who aren’t satisfied with using their cans only as simple dishes can try turning them into a stove, because it is quite easy to make a stove out of empty aluminum can. There are thousands of different tutorials and how-to’s on the internet so just search and find the one that best suits your needs and craftiness skills, because a soda can stove can easily rival those store-bought camping stoves only you will have to pay much less for one and won’t even have to go out to the store and buy one. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Soda Can Battery

And lastly you can even make a soda can battery from any aluminum can. First empty the can and cut off the top of the can so it forms a kind of glass shape. Then take either wire wool or one of those non rusting metal pot scrubbing sponges that you use to scrub your pots and pans clean, wrap it into a piece of paper towel and place it inside the can. Then take small crocodile clips and fasten the positive end of them to the wool or the metal sponge you stuffed inside of the can. Pour some water inside of the can so it is filled to the top, clip the other end of the crocodile clips to a multimeter and you will see that the can is producing electricity. But if you want to increase the voltage just pour some 20% sodium hydroxide in to the can as well and you will be able to light up at least multiple 4 watt LED lights. So think of the possibilities if you make several of these types of soda can batteries. Sound pretty cool, right?

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