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Are You Prepared for a Total Blackout? The Essential Guide

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It feels like almost every day more and more terror swarms the news cycle—stories of natural disasters, global conflict, and widespread crises filling our screens. In the face-pace of our world, it is now more challenging than ever to predict what’s coming next. If you’re not prepared, this could lead to some deadly consequences.

A blackout is a common experience for a society facing natural disaster, war, or even a minor system error. It’s hard to anticipate and potentially life-threatening. Are you ready?

What Causes A Blackout?

Sometimes, you can anticipate a blackout. The best way to stay ahead of the game and see a potential blackout coming is to really get in touch with your region. What are the weather patterns like? For example, if you live in the Southeastern part of the US and it’s hurricane season, you should without a doubt be prepared for a blackout.

But in other cases, blackouts come out of nowhere and hit entire regions with brutal force. This happens when something goes awry in the electrical grid. The system, while masterfully designed to keep electricity flowing through powerlines into homes and businesses, is easy to compromise. Because the grid is so expansive, with entire regions connected to the same power system, one small hiccup can wreak widespread havoc. Something as simple as a short circuit or damage to a power line can cause a blackout, but so can more insidious causes like cyber attacks and EMPs. 

To truly protect your family, you should always be ready for a blackout and armed with the essentials. 

How to Prepare

While your specific needs depend on your location, access to resources, and family, there are some basics everyone should check off their list. 

Get a Back Up Power Supply

The ability to power and charge your essential equipment is a must when facing a blackout. Even if you think you don’t have the funds to purchase the best solar powered generator, you may be surprised by how affordable some of these devices are becoming. 

Renewable power, particularly solar, is the way to go during a blackout. You’ll have the ability to charge your generator during the day, free-of-charge, then power your devices and keep some lights on overnight. Since gas generators still rely on having access to fuel, nothing beats going solar when it comes to emergency preparedness.

Establish an Emergency Plan

You never know where you’ll be when a blackout occurs. Your kids might be at school. Your spouse might be at work, at the grocery store, or stuck in traffic. 

If you lose your ability to communicate with each other, do you have an established meeting point? In the event of a blackout, who’s responsible for what? Having a comprehensive plan that everyone in your family unit understands is essential to reduce panic and get to safety.

Stock Up on Essentials

Don’t wait until a crisis hits to stock up on goods. Make sure you have dried and canned foods, bottled water, batteries, and a first aid kit specifically designated for an emergency. Prepare this ahead of time and occasionally check expiration dates, adding new goods as needed.

Something that often goes overlooked? Cash. We live in a world of digital currency, banking apps, and credit cards. But when the power goes out, cash is king. 

Get your Bug Out Plan In Order

If a blackout lasts more than a few days, it may not be safe to stay where you are. Do you have somewhere to go? How will you get there? These are all essential questions to answer before a blackout hits. It’s imperative to figure out where you’ll “bug out” to and identify your means of escape.

The Past: A Warning of What’s to Come

History tells us that even short-term blackouts can lead to monumental damage and mayhem. Take the blackout that occurred in the Northeastern part of the US on August 14, 2003. While the power was out across major cities like Toronto and New York for mere hours, the consequences were disastrous. Transportation, water services, food supply, and more were all affected in the blink of an eye. 

Imagine what could happen if that blackout lasts weeks? Or months? Don’t risk it. Protect your family from the worst still to come by getting your preparedness strategy and essential resources together now. 

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