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All natural antibiotics

7 All Natural Antibiotics To Use In Emergencies

Did you know that many foods in your pantry can double up as all natural antibiotics in case of an emergency? While the media may point out the dangers of Zika, flu pandemics, and other “newly” emerging diseases, they say very little about the rise of “superbugs”.  These common diseases are quickly outstripping the ability […]

The best survival knife for the money offers strength, durability, versatility, and efficiency, as well as being affordable enough avoid breaking the bank.

The Best Survival Knife for the Money

A survival knife is one of the most important tools to have when you are out in the wild. Whether you are outdoors camping, hunting or fishing, a durable blade comes in handy for several things. While there are a variety of survival knives available in the market, each knife is not created the same. […]

Pressure canning can preserve a variety of foods like pickled items, tomatoes, and jam. Learn the steps involved in this food preservation method!

Pressure Canning: A Step-by-step Guide for Beginners

One of the safest and most dependable methods of preserving foods is pressure canning. This method can produce incredible results if you practice it correctly. You can use it to preserve meats, poultry, seafood, and vegetables safely. It offers plenty of benefits for home canners. One of these is the chance to preserve not just […]

How to EMP Proof Your Car

Should you make an EMP proof car? Rising tensions with North Korea and other nuclear countries might have you wondering if you should be investing in a bomb shelter or more. The threat of nuclear war doesn’t just bring worries about explosions and nuclear fallout. There is also the problem of the electromagnetic pulse, or […]

Little girl sitting with a baby doll

SHTF Baby Emergency Kit: 10 Must Have Items

Since becoming a father I’ve taken emergency preparedness several steps further. It’s one thing to be responsible for your own safety. It’s a completely new ballpark when there’s a tiny life depending on you! As a result, I’ve carefully built a baby emergency kit with essential items that we will need when SHTF. Building a […]

Building a Faraday cage is the first step in EMP protection, but what goes inside? Get our list of the 50 best items that are critical to EMP proof.

EMP Protection: 50+ Critical Items to EMP Proof

Time for yet another front porch rumination. The dog is resting, and the coffee is hot, so there’s no better mood to solve the problems of the world. This time let’s do a deep dive into EMP protection. We all dwell in the darker topics of survival. You know the biggies like nuclear war, pandemics, […]

Best Ammo Storage Containers for Long Term Storage

Every good prepper knows that having the right ammo storage containers is extremely important. Modern munitions are designed to withstand the elements, but long-term exposure can still take its toll. Your ammo will be the currency by which you survive if SHTF. You’ll need it to barter and hunt, and, ultimately, to protect yourself and […]

emergency weather radio with matches

Hand Crank Weather Radios: Why You Need One

Do you read a lot about the best ways to prepare for survival situations? If so, you’ve probably heard about the advantages of owning a hand crank radio. Unlike regular communication devices such as cell phones and laptops, hand crank weather radios do not need the internet or a power grid to work. Even if […]

A Faraday cage is our only defense for electronics during an EMP, and can protect our personal data and thwart data miners from poking into our lives.

What is a Faraday Cage and Why Should I Care?

Every prepper worth his or her salt knows of the nightmare of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). However, fewer are familiar with what a Faraday cage is and how critical they are to survival. Whether the threat manifests itself as a man-made event (North Korea popping off a nuke at 300 miles up over Kansas) or […]

No-Dig Garden: Alternative to Traditional Gardening

Starting your own garden is a fun and rewarding adventure. However, it can be tiresome when there is digging involved! In that case, you might want to start a no-dig garden as an alternative and avoid the hassle of digging altogether. No-dig gardening is a sustainable alternative for typical gardening that involves composting or layering […]