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Winter Garden Plant with Frost Image - Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Checklist For Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Preparing your garden for winter is an important step to remember in gardening. The season changes from summer to autumn. Vegetables are getting close to the end of their production period and leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. Winter is just around the corner. However, in order to winterize the garden before winter […]

12 DIY Natural Remedies - It will be critical survival advantage to understand and identify DIY natural remedies even if you think you will never need them.

12 DIY Natural Remedies You Should Know About

As a dad one of my greatest fears (other than unemployment) is not being to do anything for my children in the event of a medical crisis when SHTF. Even simple camping trips can turn into a nightmare when you’re out in the woods or up in the mountains without necessary medication to help your loved […]

Glass jar with baking soda

13 Smart Baking Soda Tips for Your Home And Garden

Smart baking soda tips are all over the web these days but do they really work? I don’t know about what other blogs say but the 13 smart baking soda tips I’m sharing below work. How do I know? Even SHTF dads like me do housework from time to time. Why so many Smart Baking […]

Investing in coins

Investing In Coins – Government Coin vs. Generic Bar or Round Bullion

I have been investing in silver for many years. I started to invest to secure my kids future because I do not trust the banks. It’s as simple as that. Recently I have been looking to start investing in gold and copper. Let’s talk about  something that a lot of investors like myself get confused […]

Beehives in my backyard

Why Keep Bees? 8 Reasons To Start Raising Bees

Beekeepers are some of the most passionate hobbyists in the world. If you have any doubts, just ask the next beekeeper you meet to tell you about his/her bees. You may be in for a long conversation. But, why keep bees? What is so interesting about this common insect? Why Keep Bees? The Beekeeper’s Bible: […]

Apis mellifera bee beehive

How To Start Beekeeping For Beginners

Beekeeping is an integral part of the homesteading journey. Consequently, there are many benefits to the beekeeper, the garden and the bees themselves. And there is a lot of joy in having bees in your garden, not to mention the delicious honey that can be harvested from the hives. Here’s how to start beekeeping for […]

Hydrating foods

Best Hydrating Fruits and Vegetables For Hot Days

It’s always important to keep your body properly hydrated, but it’s especially crucial in the hot summer months. If you’re concerned about dehydration or just searching for other ways to hydrate your body, then turn to these nutritious hydrating fruits and vegetables. The bonus is that most of these can be grown in your own […]

If You’re Going To Bug In, Do It Right: DIY Bunker Plans

DIY Underground Bunker Plans: If You’re Going To Bug In, Do It Right

Do you have concerns about having adequate shelter for you and your loved ones in case of sudden survival situations? Is bugging out not a viable solution for your family? Maybe you wish you could have an underground bunker, but the ready-made solutions is just too cost prohibitive. If so then perhaps you should consider […]

Are you aware of the benefits of cloth diapering? Do you know how to do it? Learn all you need about cloth diapers: types, benefits and tips.

Cloth Diapering Tips – All You Need To Know About Using Cloth Diapers

As a dad, I’ve thought about how diapering would look if SHTF. Since disposable diapers will be one of the first things to fly off the shelves, what does one do when they’re all gone? Cloth diapering is the obvious solution. Are you aware of the benefits of cloth diapering? Do you know how to do it?  Would […]

Bullioin could serve you better in a SHTF situation

Is Investing In Precious Metals A Smart Move For Survival?

Do you wonder if investing in precious metals is a smart move for survival? You are not alone. There are some common misconceptions associated with precious metals. Some mistakenly believe having gold or silver may not be helpful to their preparedness plan.  When it comes to a SHTF scenario or potential economic collapse, they may think: […]