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Where to Find Underground Bunkers for Sale

If you’re committed to providing safety for your family in an extreme situation, you’ll need to look up underground bunkers for sale. You might want an underground shelter to complete your prepping plans, or because you believe an imminent event will require you to head underground. With that in mind, let’s look at the best […]

Survival Camping Tips: How To Waterproof Your Tent and Keep Warm

How To Waterproof Your Tent and Keep Warm – Survival Camping Tips

Camping is always fun, however for one to be a survivalist they will require various camping tips to ensure they survive unscathed. These tips will range from keeping warm and how to waterproof your tent among others. Here are some of the tips that a survivalist will require to keep warm during camping. Tips on […]

9 Essential Underground Bunker Supplies

You might have considered a number of bunker designs and uses but have you really sat down and considered a full list of underground bunker supplies? The world is filled with perils beyond number. We prepare for those encountered and envisioned. Then there are the risks hiding in the shadows. The stuff of prepper nightmares. […]

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Are You Prepared For SHTF? Check These 5 Levels Of Preparedness

Are you prepared for SHTF? What are your chances of surviving extreme disasters and other SHTF events? What do you need to do to ensure you and your loved ones gets through a SHTF scenario? These are the questions which might be bugging any person who is into emergency preparedness and prepping and I’m sure […]

Underground Bunker Prices: How Much Do They Really Cost?

While you may have given thought to owning an underground bunker, have you given any thought to underground bunker prices? There is only one answer to avoiding the disasters of our nightmares. EMPs sending us collectively back to the stone age, nuclear war decimating our nation, and Yellowstone blowing its top. Unlike sticking your head […]

Underground Bunker Design and Size Considerations

Whether you look at prebuilt underground bunkers or create something from scratch you are going to have to consider bunker design. You need to consider the size and scope of the bunker going into the ground. Beyond that, there is also the layout of the bunker’s interior. I will be covering all aspects of the […]

Starting fire with flint and steel

How To Start a Fire With Flint and Steel

Some may consider the skill of how to start a fire with flint and steel to be advanced, used only by wise old sages and mountain men… but that’s not true! It’s incredibly easy; even my grandma could do it! How To Start a Fire With Flint and Steel The steel The flint striker is […]

Why Build an Underground Bunker?

10 Reasons to Build an Underground Bunker

So, you are thinking about a doomsday bunker. Maybe you have even looked at plans to build an underground bunker. No matter how you look at it this is hardcore prepping. However, one step too many and are you off the deep end into a dark place? Specifically, in this article, we will focus on […]

How to Build a Campfire Properly

Whether you are a survivalist or simply a weekend camper, learning how to build a well-made campfire is an important wilderness skill. Sure, most folks with a bit of time can cobble together something that will burn. However, these attempts are often inefficient, short-lived, require constant attention and are difficult to start. With our guidance […]

Preparing For Climate Change – 5 Ways Keep Your Home And Family Safe

As it pertains to climate change, the news the last few years have pointed to that we’re now starting to see its effects. Storms are more ferocious. Weather is more extreme. Fires are bigger and more dangerous. Our coasts are being pounded by waves. Preparing for climate change will help you survive the worst and […]