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No-Dig Garden: Alternative to Traditional Gardening

Starting your own garden is a fun and rewarding adventure. However, it can be tiresome when there is digging involved! In that case, you might want to start a no-dig garden as an alternative and avoid the hassle of digging altogether. No-dig gardening is a sustainable alternative for typical gardening that involves composting or layering […]

EMP Threat from North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran

Time for another round of cabin ruminations as I think and the sentinel (my GSD) warms her bones in the sun. The threat of an EMP has been weighing heavy on my mind these days. The USA seems to be effectively making new enemies at every turn of the news cycle. Coupled with adversaries of […]

6 Best Homemade Booby Traps and Tripwire Alarms

You will never know when lawlessness will overrun your country, and you need to rely on homemade booby traps. The moment you realize the police and military cannot protect you anymore. When total anarchy has taken over, and people start to break into your house. So how do you protect your property? The answer might […]

solar flare or coronal mass ejection emp attack on Earth

What is a CME and Will it Destroy Life as We Know It?

Another morning on the deck and another day I’ll be a big softy and let the pooch have a few extra minutes warming her old bones in the sun. Glorious thing that sun because it gives us heat, light, life. But she does have a moody side in the form of a Coronal Mass Ejection […]

EMP Attack and Survival: How Bad Could It Be?

As I write, summer is stretching its wings here at my off-grid retreat. The trees are leafing out, the trout stream is flowing, and the birds are singing the praises of re-starting the cycle of life. The absence of electricity makes life here simple (save what the solar system provides). Likewise, no cell service is […]

The increased value from your DIY home improvement projects will pay you back in dividends when you sell your home or property.

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects that Increase Home Value

Improving the value of your home on your own has several benefits. For starters, the increased value from your DIY home improvement projects will pay you back in dividends when you sell your home or property. In addition, you get to enjoy all of the benefits from the improvements until that day. 5 DIY Home […]

Radiation Protection While Bugging Out

Radiation Protection While Bugging Out

The use of radioactive material for energy generation, military purposes and medicine has become internationally prevalent over the past decades. While being inherently dangerous, the destructive potential of radioactive material is realized only when it is taken out of a controlled environment. For example, following an accidental or intentional nuclear reactor meltdown, a radiological ‘dirty’ […]

Find Edible Wild Plants in 3 Easy Steps

Knowing the steps to find edible wild plants can spell the difference between life and death in a SHTF scenario. If you’re into survival training, camping, trekking, or just love the outdoors, this article will surely serve you well.   Edible Wild Plants Guides The Official U.S. Army Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild PlantsEdible Wild […]

Survival food stockpile

What Foods To Stockpile For Survival

The majority of people pay no heed at all to the constant warnings and advice of the people around them who are actually prepared for the next natural disaster. Admit it, a lot of you haven’t even begun preparing yet. Procrastination is a real killer, so get on your feet and get ready to survive […]

Best Heirloom Seeds to Plant This Spring

Vegetables, flowers, and fruit seeds that have been passed down from one generation to the next are called heirloom seeds. The seeds have not been genetically modified in any way and are open pollinated. Open pollination occurs when the plants have relied on natural pollination from insects or the wind. Heirloom seeds are pure, the […]