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Bullioin could serve you better in a SHTF situation

Is Investing In Precious Metals A Smart Move For Survival?

Do you wonder if investing in precious metals is a smart move for survival? You are not alone. There are some common misconceptions associated with precious metals. Some mistakenly believe having gold or silver may not be helpful to their preparedness plan.  When it comes to a SHTF scenario or potential economic collapse, they may think: […]

Nowadays, a tactical knife has become a part of our daily life of indoor or outdoor task and become an arsenal of a survivalist. Generally, the best folding tactical knives are seldom if ever designed for use as a combat knife or fighting knife.

How to Choose The Best Tactical Folding Knife

Are you looking for a folding tactical knife? Learn what to look for before you buy. Here’s how to choose the best tactical folding knife. Nowadays, a tactical knife has become a part of our daily life of indoor or outdoor tasks, and has become ubiquitous in the arsenal of a survivalist. Generally, the best […]

Goats and Suburban Homesteading - A Perfect Combination

Goats On The Homestead – Tips For Suburban Preppers

Suburban preppers do not have the same freedom and space to raise livestock as we rural homesteading preppers. But even if you live in the suburbs, you could still keep some goats on the homestead. A couple dwarf goats could be a game changer for any family. To increase their level of self-reliance suburban peppers […]

Beautiful dahlia flowers

Eco-Friendly Gardening – Tips to Create an Eco-Garden

The Chinese proverb, “if you want to be happy forever, become a gardener,” can easily be understood by those with green fingers as they already know the joy gardening has to offer. Whether you want to start a garden for that reason or merely because you want to create a beautiful outdoor area on your […]

Emergency Shelters: How to Make Yours Last

How To Build An Emergency Shelter That Lasts

There is more to prepping than simply stocking up on bottled water (though that is a big part of it). For the serious prepper, getting ready for a disaster also involves activities like building emergency shelters and storage spaces and outfitting them properly. Here’s how to build an emergency shelter that lasts. How To Build […]

Plant attacked by garden pests

Natural Garden Pest Control Methods

A healthy garden is the best resistance against pests. The best way to avoid damage to your plants is to prevent pests from coming in. Once they invade your garden, getting rid of them can be tricky. If you’d rather use natural garden pest control methods, I have some suggestions for you below. Here are […]

26 Useful Hobbies that Pair Well with Prepping

26 Useful Hobbies that Pair Well with Prepping

Prepping, while a way of life, is usually accompanied by many hobbies. Hobbies are a great way to learn new skills and have fun at the same time. A hobby can even be trying new hobbies. Take a look at our list of useful hobbies that pair well with prepping that you may want to give […]

Long term food storage tips

Long Term Food Storage – Lies, Myths and Tips

When most people think of long term food storage, pantries filled with canned goods is what often comes to mind. However, we have to be very careful with what we store and buy. Things are not always what they seem. Companies often make the claim that their products have the famed “25 year shelf life”. […]

Top 3 Pocket Survival Tools That Can Go With You Anywhere - Our top 3 pocket survival tools that can go with you anywhere, to help you remain prepared in case you just can't bring your bug out bag with you.

Top 3 Pocket Survival Tools That Can Go With You Anywhere

No one wants to be caught unprepared… especially if we’re talking about a survival situation. Ideally, you’d have your bug out bag with you when the unexpected happens. In reality, you don’t want to keep lugging around your emergency go-bag with you wherever you go just in case. Also, there are just some places you […]

Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Aluminum Cans

Amazing Ways You Can Reuse Aluminum Cans

Although aluminum cans might not be the most convenient type of packaging if you are on the go, it can often be one of your best options for storing different foods and drinks. Unfortunately once the can is empty it becomes an issue for most people, so to be self-sufficient you need to learn ways to […]