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How to Build a Campfire Properly

Whether you are a survivalist or simply a weekend camper, learning how to build a well-made campfire is an important wilderness skill. Sure, most folks with a bit of time can cobble together something that will burn. However, these attempts are often inefficient, short-lived, require constant attention and are difficult to start. With our guidance […]

Preparing For Climate Change – 5 Ways Keep Your Home And Family Safe

As it pertains to climate change, the news the last few years have pointed to that we’re now starting to see its effects. Storms are more ferocious. Weather is more extreme. Fires are bigger and more dangerous. Our coasts are being pounded by waves. Preparing for climate change will help you survive the worst and […]

Essential Survival Materials – Wood vs Metal

Let’s have a little fun with our survival beliefs and resources. In this article, we are going to discuss essential survival materials and their relationship to wood and metal. Though this article might stir up a bunch of controversies. It is also a great way for us to think about the relationship between these two […]

7 Easy DIY Plumbing Repairs You Need to Know

Being able to DIY a lot of home repairs is a huge part of prepping for when SHTF. But do you know that you can actually DIY a lot of plumbing problems yourself without needing to be a DIY fanatic? What I realized when I became a dad is that a lot of plumbing problems […]

The Best Fruits and Veggies to Grow for Homesteading Beginners

The Best Fruits and Veggies to Grow for Homesteading Beginners

Knowing the best fruits and veggies to grow is important for every beginner prepper. After SHTF, food resources will become more and more scarce as survivors use up any remaining food they have stored or scavenged. SHTF Dad’s View on Gardening for Homesteading As a dad, one of my biggest fears is to not be […]

Soilless Homestead Gardening Using Hydroponics

Gardening Without Soil Using Hydroponics

Gardening without soil is fast becoming a trend among urban dwellers as well as prepping and homesteading enthusiasts and for good reason. When I heard about the concept of hydroponics, the first thing that came to my mind was how cool would it be to be able to grow plants indoors without needing soil in […]

Homemade Faraday cage

How To Build A Faraday Cage And Why You Need One

I was watching some documentaries the other day and one of the SHTF scenarios discussed is an EMP wave. I won’t get into the specifics of an EMP, but what you need to know is that it will fry up every single piece of unprotected digital equipment when it happens. An EMP wave means all […]

Girl cooling her head off with a bottle of cold water

How To Treat Heat Stroke in an Emergency

Heat stroke is a potentially fatal form of hyper-thermia, or a high body temperature, that usually occurs in hot and humid climates. It can be caused by being in a hot environment for an extended period of time or by strenuous physical activity. Learning how to treat heat stroke could literally save your life. Heat […]

Young man hiking in the woods

How to Survive Getting Lost In The Woods

You’re walking along in the woods either on your own or with your family and soon realize you left the trail behind. Now you have no idea where you’re at or where the trail might be to get you back to civilization. What should you do? Do you know how to survive getting lost in […]

Winter Garden Plant with Frost Image - Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Checklist For Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Preparing your garden for winter is an important step to remember in gardening. The season changes from summer to autumn. Vegetables are getting close to the end of their production period and leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. Winter is just around the corner. However, in order to winterize the garden before winter […]