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6 Best Homemade Booby Traps And Trip Wire Alarms You Should Try

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You will never know when lawlessness will overrun your country, and you need to rely on homemade booby traps.

The moment you realize the police and military cannot protect you anymore. When total anarchy has taken over, and people start to break into your house.

So how do you protect your property?

The answer might lie in homemade booby traps.

So what is a booby trap? It is a device that is concealed by the naked eye and can warn or hurt the intruder when triggered.

What’s great is that homemade booby traps are mobile and work great if you are on the run. You can take them anywhere with you and set them around your perimeter.

Today, I am going to present to you the 6 best homemade booby traps that you can make from the comfort of your own home.

I will go over three perimeter-type booby traps that will warn you once triggered. Likewise, you will learn how to make three potentially dangerous booby traps that can protect your property.

DIY Perimeter Alarms That Use a Tripwire

In this section, you will learn how to set up perimeter alarms using tripwire. I will go over three different traps that will warn you once it is triggered.

By using these traps, you will get a heads up in case an intruder is lurking on your property.

Let’s start with the first trap, which is the boat horn tripwire trap.

Boat Horn Tripwire

Use a boat horn that uses a trigger in the form of a button located on top of its head. Roll a ball with the electrical tape and attach it with the rest of the tape. Attach the ball over the button of the boat horn.

Dig a small hole and place the horn inside so that it is halfway in. Next, we want to create a deadfall trap on top of the horn. Make use of a rock with a flat surface and set it next to the horn while resting on the trigger stick.

Attach the fishing line (tripwire) to the trigger stick. Attach the other end of the line to a tree or any other object close to you. The purpose of this trap is for someone to step on the tripwire. The wire will pull the trigger stick out from under the rock.

Once the trigger stick is removed, the rock will have nothing to rest on and will fall on the boat horns button. This action will create a loud noise that will warn you of any trespassers.

Mousetrap Tripwire

Snap traps are one of the best squirrel traps for preppers (and other small game, of course). But did you know you could make a tripwire alarm from a simple mousetrap? You can make these several different ways.

The first step is to remove the holding bar because you will use it differently. Trim the holding bar with the pliers or cut off the arch section so that it is straight. Next, you will need to remove the catch to free up some space.

Detach the spring from the hammer so that you do not hit yourself. Take two small nails and gently hammer them into the two corners of where the hammer will hit. Make sure the nails are in line with the hammer.

You can hammer in as many nails as you want as long as they are in line with the hammer. The ring caps are not mandatory but will significantly increase the noise. Place the ring caps on top of the nails, which will cause them to fire once the hammer slams on them.

Attach the spring to the hammer, pull it back and set the holding bar. The holding bar is set by sliding it through the “U” shaped nail. When the holding bar is pulled out, it will release the hammer.

Keychain Alarm Tripwire

This homemade booby trap is one of the easiest ones to make. You only need a keychain alarm (also called anti-rape alarm) and a fishing line. The keychain alarm itself might not be DIY, but they are inexpensive and very easy to get.

Make sure you get a keychain alarm that has a hole on the opposite side. Attach it to an object such as a door or one of the legs of a table. It can be difficult to learn how to set up traps in your house, but the keychain tripwire alarm makes it straightforward.

All you need to do is to find a location inside your house to install the keychain. You can attach it to almost anything with the help of a nail or wire. Examples can include furniture, door panels, and even trees if you want to use it outdoors.

Potentially Dangerous Homemade Booby Traps

Homemade booby traps might be illegal and potentially deadly, so be sure to check with local and US laws to determine if setting them in your area is appropriate and legal. They are certainly dangerous.

I highly recommend only using these types of traps when SHTF, there is no government, and you don’t have many other alternatives.

Cartridge Trap

This DIY booby trap is straightforward to make as it does not require a lot of items.

You can use almost any type of cartridge, but smaller is better. The most common type of cartridge used was that of the AK 47. The 7.62×39mm cartridge or the 5.45x39mm was mostly used during the Vietnam war.

Place the cartridge inside a bamboo pipe with only the bullet remaining visible. The bamboo pipe will help keep the cartridge stable and in place. A small nail would be hammered through the pipe at the bottom.

The point of the nail will come into contact with the primer of the cartridge. You will then need to dig a hole to place the cartridge in. How deep should the hole be?

Take the length of the cartridge and add 1″ to estimate the depth of the hole. Place a flat wooden board inside the hole. The board will help the cartridge stay upright.

Cover the hole with bamboo slat and grass for camouflage. The purpose of the trap is for someone to step on the cartridge. A person’s weight will result in enough pressure for the nail to activate the primer of the cartridge.

The cartridge will fire, and the bullet will shoot right through the intruder’s foot.

Punji Sticks Trap

The Punji sticks trap is another homemade booby trap that you can make with materials lying around your house.

Luckily for you, you can make the punji sticks yourself. Find six hardwood sticks that are as thick as a pencil and as long as your forearm. Make sure the sticks are as straight as possible. Take your knife, remove the bark from the sticks and cut out any knots.

Next, you will need to carve sharp points on each stick. Make sure the points transition smoothly into the body of the stick. By doing this, you will make the sticks more efficient at puncturing the victim.

The next step is to dig a punji pit in which to place the sticks. Make sure to find a suitable spot next to a trail. The pit should be 2-3 feet deep and the same width as the feet of the victim.

You can use a shovel or a digging stick to dig the pit. Once the pit is done, you can now create six guide holes in which to place the punji sticks. You can now set the sticks inside each hole and make sure they are in place.

You now need to camouflage the pit with branches with leaves so that it remains hidden. It is also optional to cover the tips of the sticks with feces or poison.

Noose Trap

If you want to learn how to make a trap to catch an intruder, then the noose trap is for you. You can also use this trap to catch small animals, etc. The video will show you how to build a smaller version of the noose trap ideal for catching small animals.

For larger prey (which include humans) you need a sturdier trap with a heavier counterweight. The best location to set up this trap is under a large tree next to a trail.

Here is how to set it up. Now that you have found a suitable location, it is time to install the first two peg-shaped sticks. Install them next to each other about a foot apart on the one side of the trail closest to the tree.

Install the third peg stick on the opposite side of the trail. Place the resistance stick against the two pegs. Make sure this stick is longer than the distance between the two pegs.

Once all three peg sticks are in place, it is time to install the trigger stick. The trigger stick needs to touch the peg on the opposite side of the trail. It needs to be long enough so that it can overlap the resistance stick.

Connect the paracord rope to the counterweight and throw the rope over one of the branches of a tree. Make sure the counterweight is heavier than the prey you want to catch. The branch also needs to be sturdy enough to hold its weight.

Tie a 4” stick to the end of the paracord rope. This stick will work along with the trigger stick to release the counterweight. Watch the video above for more info.

Final Word on Homemade Booby Traps

These are pretty simple, easy-to-make homemade booby traps and tripwire alarms that anyone can set up.

The question to ask now is do you want a simple alarm system, or do you want to protect yourself and your family?

Just make sure you are prepared and have access to all of the items needed to build these traps.