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7 Easy DIY Plumbing Repairs You Need to Know

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Being able to DIY a lot of home repairs is a huge part of prepping for when SHTF. But do you know that you can actually DIY a lot of plumbing repairs yourself without needing to be a DIY fanatic?

What I realized when I became a dad is that a lot of plumbing problems do not need to be fixed by a pro.

Knowing how to DIY plumbing repairs saves you time. Save yourself from high-cost repair fees, which is better spent on your family.

I feel that lots of people these days can benefit from being DIY savvy. And it certainly won’t be a liability when SHTF.

I’ve come across some easy DIY plumbing videos which are so fool-proof you’ll feel like pinching yourself. So here they are. 7 easy DIY plumbing repairs you need to know as brought to you by SHTF Dad.

Do It Yourself Plumbing Repairs

Plumber at work

1. DIY Plumbing Repair – A Leaky Faucet

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As long as you know the basic types of faucets and how they work, fixing a leaky faucet is one of the easiest plumbing repairs you can do yourself.

For example, if you have a continuous small drip, it just means you need to replace the washer with the right size one.

Here is a cool video on repairing a leaky faucet to get you started.

2. DIY Plumbing Repair – Installing a Faucet

Sometimes, it makes more sense to replace the entire faucet if the repair is too tricky. These days, faucet replacements even come with instructions, so doing this yourself isn’t really that difficult.

And your local handyman store guy can even give you pointers, including how to troubleshoot what needs to be fixed.

Here is a faucet installation video you can check out too:

3. DIY Plumbing Repair – Clogged Drain Fix

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Fixing a clogged drain can be a pain in the rear end. It can often result to the blame game about who have let the clog get in there in the first place.

Basic drain maintenance common sense means avoiding the problem first. In this regard, simply use drain catchers and avoid allowing grease and food particles near your drains.

If your drain is a bit slow, it could just be a plumbing vent problem – something which needs a real plumber, but a simple clog can be fixed with a cable auger or a sink plunger.

Here is a drain fix and maintenance video for clogged drains:

4. DIY Plumbing Repair – Fixing a Running Toilet

A faulty floater switch or a faulty stop valve is the usual cause of having a running toilet. It means that the large valve in the back of the toilet is not stopping the flow of water into the tank even when the tank is full.

Not repairing a running toilet can mean a huge water bill. A permanent fix in the form of replacing the whole set-up is in order.

Don’t be intimidated though, here is a video showing how easy it is to fix a running toilet all by yourself!

5. DIY Plumbing Repair – Kitchen Sink Sprayer Replacement

Perhaps one of the easiest DIY plumbing repair jobs, replacing a kitchen sink sprayer can be done even if you don’t have a handy gene somewhere in your DNA.

This easy step-by-step video shows you all you have to know on how to do this easy plumbing fix:

6. DIY Plumbing Repairs – Shower Head Upgrade

If you knew how much extra dough upgrading your shower heads can save you, you would have done this plumbing DIY a long time ago.

Aside from saving you a neat 20-30% of your monthly water consumption, there are a lot of beautiful shower-heads out there which can give your bathroom an instant makeover.

Learn how to do like a pro with this video:

7. DIY Plumbing Repairs – Replacing Caulk

Caulking may not be your idea of an easy DIY plumbing repair. The trick is really all about using the right tools and picking the right caulk.

It might need a bit more extra elbow grease, but it is all worth it. Just do a bit of research on what type of caulk you need and go to caulking town.

Here is also a list of tools you might need for your DIY plumbing adventures:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Plunger (one for the toilet and one for the sink)
  • Utility knife
  • Screwdriver
  • Plumbing tape
  • Pliers
  • Caulking Gun
7 Easy DIY Plumbing Repairs You Need to Know - Knowing how to DIY plumbing repairs is an important component to being self-sufficient by saving you time & money which is better spent on your family.

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Save money by learning a few easy DIY plumbing repairs. The 7 repairs you'll find here are worth learning (I included videos for all of them). #plumbing #shtfdad #survival #preparedness #selfsufficient #selfsufficiency