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How Many Pea Plants Per Person? A Garden Tip For Beginners

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Are you wondering how much to plant per person to feed your family?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. See how many seeds/plants you need if you want to feed your family fresh produce during the growing season.

And if you want to preserve some, to last the rest of the year, you need to plant quite a bit more.

How Much To Plant Per Person?

Lush vegetable garden

Follow these guidelines for optimum yields

  1. Start off with good Heirloom Seeds
  2. Use a good compost/soil mixture
  3. Maintain fertility
  4. Provide enough water
  5. Use mulch
  6. Control pests (weeds, insects, and diseases)

The chart below gives you a good idea of how much you need to plant to feed your family for each plant and seed you will need.

This is per person, based on picking and eating them fresh. If you plan on canning or freezing your veggies to get through the winter months, you will need to plant more. I would suggest you multiply the amount list by 4 if you plan to also can.

Seeds or plants per 100-ft. row is the recommended amount or number to use for proper spacing and growth. Estimated yield per 100-ft. row is based on optimum growth, so it could be different from Family to Family.

Here's how much of each plant/seed you will need to plant per person #gardening #homesteading #selfsufficient

Use the chart above to calculate what YOUR family needs.

We love cooking with onions, so we plant double the amounts in this chart. It’s easy to increase or decrease the amount of food you produce, depending on your family’s preferences.

Don’t forget to try one or two new crops each year. For example, we’re going to try okra this coming year. We use it from the freezer section and love it. So, why not grow our own?

My favorite seeds

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Do you wonder how much to plant per person in your home garden? Stop guessing and use our chart to plan your garden. #gardening #homesteading #gardenplanning #organic #harvestplanning #shtfdad
How Much You Need To Plant To Feed Your Family - This chart gives you a good idea of how much you need to plant to feed your family for each plant and seed you will need.